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Category : Recruiting Sales

How to integrate a new salesperson

You have just recruited a new employee in your sales team. His/her skills have convinced you. Perfect! It remains to be seen whether s/he will fit into the group and find his/her place. Here are some practical tips to foster the integration of an employee and to detect problems quickly.


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Key steps in drafting the job description of a salesperson

A formalisation tool, the job description is indispensable in recruitment as it outlines the profile of the best applicant. Also, it forms an essential basis in establishing the training plans and assessing the performance of an employee.
Practical tips for drafting a pertinent job description of a salesperson
Before going deeper into

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Sales Person – Friend or a Foe

Sales Person – Friend or Foe

There is a general tendency of considering the common profile of a sales person as being a manipultive, pushy person, slightly egocentric and superficial, with an obviuos interest towards quick winns in a customer relationship.

Is that the truth about sales people ?

Our truth is that

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