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Management Coach Development

Coaching for Performance is the industry gold standard for people in organizations who want to adopt a coaching management or leadership style. Performance Consultants International works at the transformational level as opposed to the transactional level in order to create sustainable behavioural change for long-term success. We deliver in-house corporate programmes globally that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What will you learn?

  • Over the course of 2 days, the programme will introduce you to the principles and practice of transformational coaching, including the GROW model, to allow you to discover the power of an authentic coaching style within organizations. Participants will:
  •  Bring their own experience and address real-life management situations to learn best practice in setting goals, managing progress, giving feedback and coaching
  •  Learn how to use coaching in different situations, be able to apply this in their own day-to-day work, and create an environment which is both supporting and challenging
  •  Experience and practice fundamental coaching and feedback skills to build and sustain a coaching relationship within the team, in order to increase team engagement and productivity
  •  Support each other through practice with peers
  •  Start with their own self-awareness and then be able to initiate team dynamics where individuals realize their potential

As an organization that delivers coaching leadership programs for organizations globally, we are frequently asked by leaders at all levels how they can bring the best out in their people and themselves. In our all-time favourite video Sir John Whitmore, Founder of Performance Consultants and co-creator of the GROW Model, demonstrates the benefits that a coaching leadership style has versus the traditional “I’m the expert” instructional approach.

Sir John Whitmore

demonstrates Coaching versus Instruction

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