Individual Coaching

Coaching is a process that enable those practicing it and receiving it to make quantum leaps. To move from a state where a problem exists to another state where a solution is found, acted upon and manifested.

Coaching is about enabling you to make your client’s potential conscious and create a context where it is turning into results.

Coaching means: Personal Development, new level of awareness, new possible directions, possible solutions and an Action Plan.

Team Coaching

Coaching for Performance is the industry gold standard for people in organizations who want to adopt a coaching management or leadership style. We deliver in-house corporate programmes globally that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

A process that develop team maturity and efficiency, developing synergies, promoting creativity…. Better function as a team, get to know others better, get to know yourself better


The program will introduce you to the principles and practice of transformational coaching, including the GROW model, to allow you to discover the power of an authentic coaching style within organizations.

Participants will:
Bring their own experience and address real-life management situations to learn best practice in setting goals, managing progress, giving feedback and coaching
Learn how to use coaching in different situations, be able to apply this in their own day-to-day work, and create an environment which is both supporting and challenging
Experience and practice fundamental coaching and feedback skills to build and sustain a coaching relationship within the team, in order to increase team engagement and productivity
Support each other through practice with peers
Start with their own self-awareness and then be able to initiate team dynamics where individuals realize their potential

Enhance people influencing skills to better implement tools and methods of development
enable them to discover people potential

ransform feedback and coaching from tools into habits in real life situations
Insight into how to facilitate high performance in individuals and teams; more evocative and exploration-oriented questioning skills
Understanding of the GROW Model for goal setting and action planning;
The right mechanisms, knowledge and confidence for managing all types of performance

Middle & Senior managers

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