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Developed with Professor Robert Brinkerhoff HPLJ gives organizations a method for designing programs that optimize the following five key factors of effective learning to performance transfer, using a blended learning approach: “On the job” application, Manager involvement, Social learning, Learning journeys stretched over time and Linkage to business.

Every year companies allocate a budget up to hundred of thousaunds euros for people development. The most common method is in classroom or a live webinar training delivery, which, under best circumstances, may improve abilities up to 20%. Enrolling people in a High Performance Learning Journey the percentage in developing new abilities goes up to 60%. Does it worth?

What’s new about HPLJ?

Personal Perfomance Path

It is the direct answer to the same questions: „why should I attend a trainng?” from two different perspectives: employee and employer. For the employer it means to connect the new aqcuired skills of the employee with company’s objectives. For the employee it means to create his own „picture of success” deciding how and when is he going to use these new abilities. Here are the stages of the PPP:

1. Learning outcome – What is the specific learning outcome?
2. Moments that matter – When is critical to apply the new skills?
3. Performance outcome – How is performance improving?
4. Business rationale – What is the impact in business?

The order of addressing these question is 1-4 for the employee and 4-1 for employer.

Digital Training Programs


    A high-speed and effective program that enables managers to maintain and stimulate employees’ energy and commitment level during times of incertitude that may pose the organization at risk.

    ommunicate cross-functionally, adaptively and with empathy, discomforting information
    Consolidated feeling of belonging to a higher purpose
    Engagement level increased through ownership and personal contribution to surmount the uncertainty

    eadership teams
    Crisis cell teams

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