Sales Person – Friend or a Foe

Sales Person – Friend or Foe

There is a general tendency of considering the common profile of a sales person as being a manipultive, pushy person, slightly egocentric and superficial, with an obviuos interest towards quick winns in a customer relationship.

Is that the truth about sales people ?

Friend or Foe

Our truth is that a really good Sales Person is one of the most interesting and inspiring human profile. Besides the common traits generally recognized of Perseverance, Winning Attitude and Positive Thinking, we believe the Sales Person is a Great Communicator, has an in depth, understanding of Human Psychology Business Acumen through a variety of industries and business models, is Greatly Adapted to the real life and Trustworthy.

Consider the variety and multitude of human/business interaction daily, the emotional strength and continuous motivation needed to serve each customer specific personal and business needs. Even more, consider enjoying creating and developing relationship, long term and trust based with different people profiles, emotions, company strategies and market changes. A customer relation is not right now time, is life time. Doesn’t matter with which client, for which company, tomorrow or in couple of years life will playfully place us in front of the same people.

So even the most selfish sales person will have to consider this truth while approaching a customer.  So the art of creating a lifelong relationship with people in our professional life requires those very interesting skills we described plus the capacity of caring, really caring about each person in front of you.  That is why we believe the Sales Person is someone anyone would like to meet for a Great Business and Human Interaction.